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Comfort Blankets

Experience The Warmth of a Comforting Embrace


A Sense of Security, a Feeling of Warmth…

“A sense of security, a feeling of warmth…most blankets will provide these much needed human needs.  My I Will Love You Blanket provides security, warmth and so much more.  When you are looking for inner peace…wrap yourself up in this blanket. 

I often reach for my blanket alongside with my I Will Love You Journal and make a conscious effort to reflect on what yesterday taught me, what today brought me and what tomorrow will promise me.  Please wrap yourself up in the comforts of this cozy blanket and take the time out of your busy day to achieve the inner peace we all need and deserve.”

Mona Sleiman, MA, University of Windsor

Mona Sleiman, MA - Testimonial - Melissa Lyons

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