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Best Selling Author, Speaker & Coach

Meet Melissa

Been Where You Are, Is Where You Want To Go

Melissa Lyons

Melissa Lyons is passionate about comforting, healing and cultivating a mindset that allows us to get the most out of our experiences. She feels honoured to have been given the opportunity to bring the encouraging words of I Will Always Love You to life in this story. She believes that the messages have deep meanings and are reminders to us all that anything is possible. Her mission is to share the joy and freedom that is created when we live in the moment and consciously choose our thoughts and reactions.

In terms of her life, Melissa believes that she is on a journey to seek, understand and embrace her life’s purpose. Reflecting upon her early years, she recognizes that she sought to please and conform to the expectations of others, not being aware that most of the time she was missing the point and ignoring the signs. Looking back now, she says it’s just so easy to see because the signs are all around us, all the time. For decades she avoided hints, nudges and messages; she lived her life as she understood it was to be lived. Then when she least expected it, a wonderful opportunity presented itself and she was given the gift of time. Time to slow down, unwind and “listen” like she had never listened before. She decided to take three months “off”, pulling away from work and the pursuit of a goal driven life. The three months quickly morphed into thirty months. It turns out that stepping away and allowing one’s life purpose to present itself is not something that will be rushed.

Melissa Lyons
Melissa Lyons

Allowing a dream to unfold…

It was on an island in Thailand when the words to I Will Always Love You came pouring out. Seriously. There was no warning, no conscious planning and certainly no life experience that can explain what happened as she wrote the story. It was simply a morning at a cafe on Sairee Beach with a cup of tea and a tasty chocolate-banana crepe and of course a conscious decision to allow life to unfold and to listen to her heart.

Melissa Lyons

Some background information…

In 2014, Melissa sold her business and embarked on a life changing journey which unexpectedly developed into a radical sabbatical. At 48 years of age, with a myriad of successful experiences, she still felt professionally unfulfilled and very curious. Three months were set aside to read, meditate, and write (journal). This opportunity was like everything else in her life to that moment; there were goals, a timeframe and expected results! Not surprisingly, the three months became four and so on… She learned patience, to let things unfold, to find joy in the moment, and to substitute disappointment, anger or sadness with gratitude for the lessons. After thirty months of this deliberate ‘self-reflection’, soul searching and pondering scenarios that resonated with her, an incredible event took place and her first book came to life.

It’s true. She was mindlessly journaling one morning and she took moment to review her work. To her astonishment, there was a story! Not just any story however, it was a story about loss, about hope and about how to find joy in life. It was a story that was in her journal and she had no idea where it came from and even more remarkable was the fact that it rhymed!

Since that momentous occasion, her life has changed in the most wonderful ways. She trusts that the story came to her for a reason and she is honoured to spend her time making sure that the comforting words and message of hope are shared with the world.

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Family Life…

Melissa is grateful to her family for their loving support. It’s rare for them to all be on one continent these days, however when they are it is always an exciting adventure!

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