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Life Coaching For Women

Let’s Take Some Simple Subtle Shifts

You Will Experience:

Profound Results and Lasting Change



Harmonious Relationships

Harmonious Relationships



Sense of<br>Purpose

Sense of

Self Love & Acceptance

Self Love & Acceptance

Balanced Lifestyle

Balanced Lifestyle

Meaningful Success

Meaningful Success



The Ideal Life Coach For Women Who Want To Transform:

Imagine feeling healed and hopeful again, seeing the beauty of life and experiencing the happiness you deserve. Together we can look at what is and isn’t working for you and move you toward healing any pain and heartache you are carrying. 

Joy awaits you. You matter. You are loved. You are supported. It’s time to shine (again)!


What people just like YOU are saying

Danette Kubanda - Happiness

"An Aha! Moment..."

Hi I’m Danette and I am a busy working mom.

I am guilty of falling into survival mode, and I know you know what that means, just making it through the day, so you can get up again tomorrow and do it all over again…

Danette Kubanda - Melissa Lyons Testimonial
Danette Kubanda
Testimonial - JoElle Slaughter - More Self Worth

"Dramatic Results..."

For the first time, in a very, very, very long time, I feel at peace within. The time that I have spent with Melissa during our one on one coaching has been life changing…

"Dramatic Results..."
JoElle S
Testimonial - MaryAnn Sabocan - More Meaning in Life

"You Deserve This Too..."

A chance crossing of paths with Melissa changed my life forever. In working with her, I gained more clarity of purpose and I now see and embrace my potential better than ever before. Melissa has helped me give myself permission..

"You Deserve This Too..."
MaryAnn S

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Now is the time to focus on YOU. Your growth from the inside out will have a tremendous impact on everyone in your life. You ARE worth it.


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