How To Journal A Miracle – Everything You Need To Know


How To Journal A Miracle – Everything You Need To Know



  • You already have and know everything you need to begin your journaling adventure.
  • How do you feel about reducing stress, boosting memory, improving mood and managing emotions?
  • The journey into your creative centre and the space that houses your intuition and guidance awaits you.


Are You In The Mood For A Miracle?

In this case, the miracle I am referring to is an unexpected and enlightened way to observe and embrace your life circumstances and unlimited possibilities. It is a miracle that can change your life in the most amazing ways.





Journaling ~ Much More Than A Creative Hobby


This might be one of the easiest “How To” pieces that I have written, because you already have and know everything you need to journal a miracle. So, let’s take what you have naturally, add some inspiration and ideas, and get you started on your path.

Thanks to the universe for bringing us together. Let’s make the most of this serendipitous moment!

Ten years ago, I wouldn’t have dreamed of journaling. In fact, I was so busy trying to ‘make something’ of myself and was so all-consumed with chasing success that even if I had dreamed of it, I wouldn’t have ‘made the time’ for it.

And now? Here we are! It’s amazing how life turns out when you are able to let ‘things unfold’.

When I say that you have and know everything you need, I am being serious. You already have what it takes to begin one of the most amazing journeys of (self) discovery.


A myriad of rewards awaits committed, patient and curious journalers.


Here are 3 of them:

  • Discover Your Gifts: If you have ever wondered about just how amazing you are, journaling can set the record straight and (re)connect you to your gifts and magnificence.
  • Get Clear About Your Purpose: If you are looking for clarity and wondering about your life purpose, journaling can lead you toward your passions and true calling.
  • Connect To Your Intuition: If you find yourself somewhere other than exactly where you want to be, journaling can tune you in to your intuition and give you the insight you need to create your life the way you want it to be.

Over the years, various counselors, therapists and well-intentioned mentors recommended that I begin a journaling practice. For me however, the idea of journaling was something that I dismissed as creative and hobby-like.


Looking back, the missing piece for me was the “why”.


I simply did not understand the “why” behind journaling, and without the “why” there was no purpose. And without purpose, commitment and follow through is almost impossible.

It turns out that a bit of research reveals pages and pages of why and how journaling offers powerful benefits. Here is a sampling of compelling reasons why one might begin a practice of journaling:

  • Reduce stress
  • Boost memory
  • Improve mood and mindfulness
  • Help with goals and manifesting
  • Help manage emotions
  • Increase self-awareness and insight
  • Discover a path to healing
  • Tap into creative gifts
  • Improve self confidence

And there are many different ways that you can use journaling to connect to your inner wisdom and sense of knowing. Here are a few:

  • Gratitude Journaling
  • Emotional guidance Journaling
  • Release Journaling
  • Freestyle/Intuitive Word-Storming Journaling
  • Stream of Consciousness Journaling

If you are not convinced of the benefits, a simple search on the internet will provide you will ample growing evidence to support this therapeutic exercise.

  • It is a safe space where your only opponent is your own self.
  • You can be raw, free, full of joy or completely pissed off at the world.
  • You can do it anywhere and it doesn’t cost money.
  • It reacquaints you with the person you were born with and will die with, the only one who is truly with you every moment of your existence. Life gets busy and we work on so many things, including important relationship, however we can forget that the one we have with ourselves is the one that actually affects the trajectory of our lives and the path we are taking.

Journaling is not the only way to create an improved space in our hearts and minds. All forms of creative expression can contribute to expansion of our perspectives. Any of them, used in combination, especially as an ‘opening act’, will help us connect more deeply.

  • Song writing and singing
  • Certain athletic activities
  • Meditation
  • Artistic expression
  • Colouring
  • Dancing



Journaling ~ Everything You Need To Know To Start Now


The most important first step in beginning a journaling process or ritual is actually understanding what it is that you are commencing. Journaling might not be what you think it is.

I was very resistant to begin a practice of journaling. As you will discover, it wasn’t something that I felt would add value to my life. Over the years, several counsellors and advisors told me that I should write. Some described writing as a calling that they saw for me, whereas others thought it would be therapeutically beneficial for me. They didn’t necessarily say that I needed to journal; they said that I needed to write, and I wanted no part of it.

It was after the publication of my first book that I connected all the dots and realized that the advice had been bang on. It was shocking. I finally understood the importance of writing and journaling for me and was able to see it as part of a higher and more fulfilling plan.

What was my resistance about? Let’s see…. It’s like mediation, yoga, or any other “new thing” that isn’t part of my daily plan, which normally includes family time, eating, cleaning, working, socializing, TV time, relaxing… You know, all the things that go into your day until there is no time left for the other things. I am sure many of you can relate. Who would I be to take time for something that didn’t seem to offer me, or anyone in my circle, much instant gratification?

Looking at it realistically, it doesn’t put food on my table or in my cupboards; it doesn’t build up my muscle or help me lose weight; it doesn’t help me connect with my friends; it doesn’t help my kids with their homework; it doesn’t reduce my to do list; and it sure doesn’t clean my house! I thought that it might fit into my life later… like when I retire or something (and have more time LOL).

But these are just the obvious reasons. I also didn’t know what to write about. I worried, “What if someone reads it?” and felt it would be kind of embarrassing. What would people think or say? There were other reasons too… I didn’t feel creative or connected to anything in particular… and the list goes on.

And then one day I started. A series of life events caused me to ‘hit a wall’ and I was looking for any form of hope, healing, insight and clarity. And you know what??? The more I did it, the more I loved it. Journaling is a much needed journey into my soul, and I continue to love the adventure.

To get started you need to choose how you want to record your thoughts. I prefer to write in a journal and pen; however, you can type or record in another manner of your choosing. I will share my best practices with you and invite you to take what works for you and adapt the rest to your lifestyle and preferences. As long as you are committed to making your journaling a practice, you will embark on a great adventure yourself.


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A Miracle


Here is my journaling ritual.

  • I like to journal in the morning as I begin my day. I love to write everyday, however I set an intention to journal at least 5 days per week.
  • Each session begins with a minimum of 5 minutes of quiet reflection. My preferred length of time is 15- 20 minutes, but that is not always possible. Sometimes I sit in silence. Other times I listen to instrumental music or a guided reflection. Regardless of which type of meditation or reflection I choose, I make sure to include deep breathing to help me connect to my creative centre.
  • Afterward, I take my journal and put my pen to paper and write. My writing varies constantly. Here are some examples of any given journaling experience.
    • I will write random words until I forget I am writing. I’ll start with any word and then write whatever comes into my mind. Eventually, I come across a theme that grabs my attention and I let it flow.
    • I will answer reflective questions about how I am feeling or how I want to feel.
    • There are days when I rant and write lists, especially emotional days. I will use columns to write down everything that is bugging me or is negative and then I will choose an opposite word, situation or feeling in the next column. If it resonates with me, I will then journal in bullet form or sentences any intentions or insights I have after the exercise.
    • If I am having relationship challenges, I use my journaling as a form of letter writing and I sort out my thoughts, feelings and emotions as the relate to the situation. This offers an opportunity to shift my perspective and see other angles.
    • I love to journal daydreams, wishes and random musings.
    • There is no order and no set plan. I am always doing whatever I feel like doing. Single words, bullet points, sentences, charts, graphs, lines and circles will find themselves anywhere on the page.

If you enjoy it, you will one day find yourself with more completed journals than you know what to do with! I have so many journals now and feel quite connected to them all. To me they are like the time capsules I have created for future generations (although I recognize that the bulk of the value is for me and my own growth and insight). I find it fascinating to read what I wrote months and years ago. In fact, I have come to realize that I need to date and sign my work because often I don’t remember writing what I find on the pages and I also have trouble remembering when they were created. I literally found my 2nd book in a computer file while I was looking for some marketing materials! I was so surprised when I read it. I honestly didn’t remember that I had finished it.

The journey into our creative centre and the space within us that holds our intuition and connection to our guidance systems is different for all of us and it is always evolving. For me it has ebbed and flowed, and my connection speed and strength vary with my mood, location and overall openness.

I am living proof that we are not our circumstances, we are our possibilities, as Oprah has said. I can tell you that when you are courageous enough to explore your wildest dreams and desires or painful emotions and experiences that you are holding and carrying with you – and you give yourself the permission you need to do the work that needs to be done, miracles really do begin to happen.

There are two more pieces of advice I will impart. Journal and explore your heart and soul without attachment to outcome; be kind, gentle and loving with whatever it is you create. And, be willing to destroy anything that you want to keep private. Go through the motions of getting any and all of your feelings on to paper and then keep only that which you want to keep and let the rest go. Rip it, tear it, burn it… do whatever you please and feel the release and renewed strength as a result.


How Journaling Led Me To Miracles


Here is {part of} my story, as it relates to my journaling journey.

Most of the first half of my life was spent in contrast.

The outside of me was great! Anyone looking in could see that life was grand. I had checkmarks in all the right boxes: health, wealth, education, loving relationships and more.

The inside of me, however, was a well-kept secret! I spent much time contemplating how I could leave this earth, leave my life and stop the unrelenting thoughts that ran through my tormented mind. The thing that kept me here was knowing that I could not leave without deeply hurting the people I loved. It was the love and compassion that I had for my family and close friends that saved me from a myriad of destructive thoughts and ideas.

It is hard to remember how many times a day that I experienced that agonizing self-torture, it NEVER seemed to end. The mind games, the brutal cruelty of it all left me desperately searching for peace. I was deeply involved in a never-ending search for a quiet mind. I didn’t even know enough to desire a loving mind; I just wanted the pain to STOP.

It was invisible to almost everyone. There were a few close friends who knew about it, but they were not privy to the depths of despair that I hid from the world. I didn’t believe that anyone could relate to the pain I was secretly carrying. I believed that exposing my truth to someone who wouldn’t understand it would only add to the problem and make it worse. Who could I tell? No one really.

And life went on like this for years and years. Ebbing and flowing from joy to despair and everything in between.

I’ll fast forward this story to the time when I decided “enough was enough” and chose to find out who I really was and discover who I was meant to be rather than who I had been so desperately trying to be.

It was on an island in Thailand when the words to ‘I Will Always Love You’ came pouring out. Seriously. There was no warning, no conscious planning and certainly no life experience that can explain what happened as the story made its journey onto the pages of my journal. It was simply a morning at a cafe on Sairee Beach with a cup of tea and a tasty chocolate-banana crepe and of course a conscious decision to allow life to unfold and to listen to my heart.

Three years earlier, I sold a business and embarked on a life changing soul searching journey that unexpectedly developed into a radical sabbatical.

I was 47, and even with a myriad of successful experiences under my belt, I still felt professionally unfulfilled and very curious. My mind and thoughts were still haunting me, however slightly less than my earlier years.

I remember my husband asking me one day, when everything was seemingly fantastic to the outside observer, “are you ever going to be happy”?

And that was IT! My tipping point. I had had enough. I would not, should not, could not live like this any longer.

I contemplated what I was teaching my girls, who were in their late teens at the time. I thought that if I didn’t feel important enough to explore what was missing in my life, then how would they ever have the courage to do it for themselves one day?

When we are role models, being strong all the time and trying to be close to perfect, we can sometimes send the wrong messages. Be it right or wrong, my girls have seen me accomplished and happy and they have seen me broken and shattered. Most importantly, they have seen me live my lie – which was a life that was not serving me – and they have seen me slowly take steps forward and sometimes fall back a few. My wish for them is to find their peace, their purpose and their path, on their own timeline in their own way.  I used to try to protect them from things that would hurt them, like most parents. I didn’t realize that much of the time, in my case, I was just postponing lessons that they still had to learn. Journaling revealed this to me. It helped me see it and it gave me the insight to lovingly support them while allowing them to grow and learn themselves.

So… I started to make changes to my life and the way I was living it. I felt fear, to be sure, but more than anything, I experienced a sense of exhilaration and excitement.

Without a clear connection to purpose, I chose not to take on a full-time job. Instead, I leveraged my retirement savings. (I say leveraged but it felt incredibly risky.) I worked short-term jobs to earn an income, but I was determined to not commit to anything that didn’t seem to offer the potential of fulfilment and alignment that had been missing from my life.

I decided that I would take three months to read, meditate, and write (journal).

And it was not easy! This opportunity, like everything else in my life to that moment, was planned out… there were goals, a timeframe and expected results!

I felt incredibly guilty. EVERYONE in my world supported what I was doing. However, that clearly wasn’t enough. You see, I was the person who was in my own way. I was conflicted inside and outside. And talk about working (or not working) with the universe? It must have looked like a ping pong game. Back and forth I went… over and over.

Not surprisingly, the three months became four and so on…

The harder I tried the more distant my goals became. The best explanation is to think about trying to squeeze a handful of water. The harder you try, the less you can hold. Surrendering and trusting is just like that; when you are trying too hard, you are indicating a lack of faith. Now that is one tough lesson… at least it was for me.

I learned patience, to let things unfold, to find joy in the moment, and to substitute disappointment, anger or sadness with gratitude for the lessons.

After thirty months of this deliberate ‘self-reflection’, soul searching and pondering scenarios that resonated with me, an incredible event took place and ‘I Will Always Love You’ came to life.

It’s true. I was mindlessly journaling one morning, and I took moment to review my work. To my astonishment, there was a story! Not just any story however, it was a story about loss, about hope and about how to find joy in life. It was a story that was in my journal and I had no idea where it came from and even more remarkable was the fact that it rhymed!

And the energy in the words were so strong that it was many, many months before I could read them aloud without a strong physical response – and I mean strong… crying, sweating, tingling. I didn’t understand what that response meant then, but I do now. My response is a message of sorts and it’s so special and unique to my connection to my inner-self.

Of course, this story goes on an on! And I am sharing with you today, because it was the journaling, the therapeutic work, that I embraced fully that fueled so much of my transformation.

I love how that happens. When you surrender and put your faith in something without specific expectations, miracles can happen.

My number one take-away from this ongoing experience and evolution has been to do whatever it is that I am doing for the cause rather than the effect. This was something that I had NEVER explored. I finally understood and embraced the significance of working for a cause and miraculously, this shift in perspective has produced the most remarkable effects.