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You Will Experience:

Profound Results Through Simple, Subtle Changes



Love From Others

Love From Others

Self Connection

Self Connection

Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness



Free Time

Free Time

Sense of Purpose

Sense of Purpose

Self Love

Self Love

Here’s How I Help You:

I Was Where You Are And Can Get You Where You Want To Be

  • "Dramatic Life Changing Experience"

    "Dramatic Life Changing Experience"

    For the first time, in a very, very, very long time, I feel at peace within. The time that I have spent with Melissa during our one on one coaching has been life changing. 

    JoElle S

Don’t Know Where To Start?  Begin With Your Heart.

Get your FREE reflective experience: I HAVE A CHOICE. Let’s do this together right now.  Let’s do 3 simple things RIGHT NOW for you to see results. 

Together, We Will Heal:

Through Simple Changes in Perceptions, Reflections and Reactions



You feel stuck and are just going through life, sometimes feeling numb – just going through the motions unfulfilled.



Your heart has been broken, you are hurting physically and mentally, you have suffered loss, stuck in a bad relationship with others or self.



Outside influences trigger panic attacks, your mind keeps racing and swirling over things that are out of your control, living life as a big ‘What If…’

Self Sabotage

Self Sabotage

Not finishing what you started – diets, not keeping promises to yourself, projects, fear of failure, fear of success, Yo Yo-ing



Someone close to you has passed, a friendship has ended, you’ve made  big changes in your life and need to mourn the release



You are taking on other’s responsibility subconsciously owning them, not setting boundaries with manipulators, the responsibilities at home and work are too much.

Get Rid of Guilt Melissa Lyons

If You Haven’t Healed Yet

It’s Not Your Fault & You’re Not Alone

Melissa Lyons Youre Not Alone

You’ve Read The Blogs & Books

But There’s a Lot of Complicated & Confusing Information Out There

Melissa Lyons Get Where You Deserve To Be

You Just Need The Right Person

Who’s Been in Your Shoes & Has Found the Path You’re Searching For

Get Where You Want To Go Melissa Lyons

To Go There With You

Take Your Hand, Uncomplicate Things & Get You Where You Deserve To Be

Let’s Do This Together

The best day to plant a tree was yesterday; the next best day is today.  Let’s experience some Simple, Subtle Shifts together right now and start releasing & healing.

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What people just like YOU are saying

  • A Powerful Affirmation of Life in the Midst of Grief and Loss

    Sometimes there are no more words to say, and that’s when it’s time to tell a story.  I Will Always Love You, A Journey from Grief and Loss to Hope and Love is that story!…

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    A Powerful Affirmation of Life in the Midst of Grief and Loss
    Dr. Bary R. Fleet
    Centers for Spiritual Living
  • Simplifying The Grieving Process

    As a psychologist, I work with people in all levels of grief. Melissa’s books simplify the grieving process, acknowledging that you can grieve, while encouraging you to celebrate the gifts left behind…

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    Simplifying The Grieving Process
    Dr. Michelle Yep-Martin
  • Dramatic Results

    For the first time, in a very, very, very long time, I feel at peace within. The time that I have spent with Melissa during our one on one coaching has been life changing…

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    Dramatic Results
    JoElle S
  • So Beautiful and Comforting

    Melissa conveys such an authentic wisdom and clarity that motivates her audience to take meaningful steps to be the person they want to be.  Her works help me stay present and focused on what really matters.

    So Beautiful and Comforting
    Marlene Corey
    Producer / Director, Cogeco TV
  • A Universal Book for Parents and Grandparents

    I Will Always Love You. I love this book. It is the rare book that becomes The Velveteen Rabbit that everybody has because it is just so universal. This book has a lot of potential…

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    A Universal Book for Parents and Grandparents
    Jack Canfield
    Author Chicken Soup For the Soul Series & The Success Principles
  • A Timeless Book For All Ages

    I absolutely love this book. I lost a very close friend recently and I was finding it very difficult to understand why or accept that she was really gone. The very first time I read this book I could hear her voice+

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    A Timeless Book For All Ages
    Grateful Reader
  • Losing A Pet Is Heartbreaking

    When comfort is needed, the book Until We Meet Again, From Grief to Hope After Losing a Pet, is a compassionate gift for grieving pet owners and a valuable tool for veterinarians to use when supporting families through the process.

    Losing A Pet Is Heartbreaking
    Dr. Judy Morgan DVM
    2018 Woman of the Year in the Pet Industry
  • Deeply Touching and Meaningful

    I am no stranger to loss and overcoming traumatic life experiences. Until We Meet Again, From Grief to Hope After Losing a Pet, impacted me in a healing and loving way with the deaths of both of my beloved dogs…

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    Deeply Touching and Meaningful
    Pina De Rosa
    Certified Pet Grief Counselor APLB, AAVS
  • From The Gentle Barn Founder

    Every animal lover should read and own this book! At The Gentle Barn we rescue animals from abuse and neglect. With 200 animals, most of whom are elderly, we deal with a lot of loss…

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    From The Gentle Barn Founder
    Ellie Laks-Weiner
    Founder, The Gentle Barn
  • Loving Book For Our Journey of Grief

    As a Campus Minister at a secondary school in the Windsor Essex Catholic District School Board, I work with students and families when they are faced with tragedies and loss.+

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    Loving Book For Our Journey of Grief
    Kathy Verardi
    Campus Minister, St. Thomas of Villanova
  • Every Page Has a Message

    Wow! Just read I Will Always Love You. Absolutely beautiful!!! I want to read it again and again. Every page has a message that is true and concise. It may only take 5 minutes to read…

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    Every Page Has a Message
    Dr. Millicent Vorkapich-Hill
  • A Powerful and Magical Book

    This book is magical. Don’t ever underestimate its power. Coming from someone who was orphaned very early in life…. words can not justify how powerful it is. Soothing and impressive, it appeals to people of any age.

    A Powerful and Magical Book
    Carol Meloche
  • Embrace Potential and Permission to Heal

    A chance crossing of paths with Melissa changed my life forever. In working with her, I have gained more clarity of purpose and I am able to see and embrace my potential better than ever before. Melissa has helped me….

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    Embrace Potential and Permission to Heal
    MaryAnn Sobocan

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Learning to Connect to Our [Hidden] Gifts & Insights

Power of Pressing Pause

Taking a Moment to Connect to Your Intuition

Say Yes To You

Go With Your Gut Not Your Guilt & Love Your Life Moreamet

When ‘We’ Becomes ‘Me’

Navigating Life & Finding Hope After Experiencing Loss

Stop Trying So Hard

Embrace Your Passion & Purpose Instead

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“What I love about these books is that, not only are the words meaningful and powerful, they are so sweet and touching in a simple and profound way.  These books need to be in every home.”

Jack Canfield, Author: Chicken Soup For The Soul


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