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Compassionate Donation Program

Compassionate Donation Program

Conscious Acts of Love

Compassionate Donation Program

We all have gone through a significant loss or have witnessed another’s pain.
There is a desire to share comfort, love and hope.
We want to be compassionate.

You can help.

Businesses, individuals and foundations can join in and help by donating books by the case to organizations that help people as they face loss and challenging times. These organizations, including hospices, mental health agencies, support groups count on the support of the donations to help them with their programs.


Donate in honour of a loved one ~ In Loving Memory of…

Donate on behalf of a business ~ Compassionately Provided by…

Donate on behalf of an organization ~ Generously gifted by…

Sharing the Love

Individuals, families, businesses and foundations are able to purchase a case or
cases books (50 in each).

Donors may choose to have customized labels placed in each book or can anonymously donate through Conscious Acts of Love, a ‘Pay It Forward’ movement of love.

Examples of some recently used labels…

In addition to touching many lives with comfort and love and helping organizations achieve some of their goals, business donors may also benefit from tax savings.

Compassionate Donation Program

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Donations large & small are welcome.  We realize not everyone’s situation is the same, therefore all donations are appreciated the same.  


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