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Spellbinding & Powerful Healing

“What I love about these books is that, not only are the words meaningful and powerful, they are so sweet and touching in a simple and profound way.  These books need to be in every home.”

Jack Canfield, Author: Chicken Soup For The Soul

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What people just like YOU are saying

A Powerful Affirmation of Life in the Midst of Grief and Loss

“Sometimes there are no more words to say, and that’s when it’s time to tell a story.  I Will Always Love You, A Journey from Grief and Loss to Hope and Love is that story!”

A Powerful Affirmation of Life in the Midst of Grief and Loss
Rev. Dr. Bary R. Fleet
D.Min, RScP,
Centers for Spiritual Living

Simplifying The Grieving Process

“As a psychologist, I work with people in all levels of grief. Melissa’s books simplify the grieving process, acknowledging that you can grieve, while encouraging you to celebrate the gifts left behind.”

Simplifying The Grieving Process
Dr. Michelle Yep-Martin
Psy.D., M.S., M.A., L.P.C.-S.

So Beautiful and Comforting

“Melissa conveys such an authentic wisdom and clarity that motivates her audience to take meaningful steps to be the person they want to be.  Her works help me stay present and focused on what really matters.”

So Beautiful and Comforting
Marlene Corey
Producer / Director
Cogeco TV

Don’t Know Where To Start?  Begin With Your Heart.

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